Replacement Screws for Integrated Motor Encoders

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anybody else has had the following observation:

The screw heads of the screws that keep the vex motors together are super soft?

Whether it is for replacing the high torque gears with the high speed replacements, or whether it is opening up the back to put in the Integrated Motor Encoders, each time you open up the motor the screw heads get worse and worse. I have bought numerous screw drivers that seem to fit, but the heads just get rounded.

I have searched for replacement screws of the exact shank and thread, and people just looks at me like I am from another planet.

I’d buy 500 of the short ones, and 500 of the longer ones if somebody knew where to get them. But thus far, I have had no luck,

Sorry if it sounds like I am complaining, but we are at the point now where we have to buy new motors because we simply cannot work with the ones that we have, despite them being perfectly fine, because the screw heads are rounded.

Maybe the students are just sloppy, I don’t know. But I even find the screws to be of less than stellar quality.

It’s not just you, I noticed the screws I used for my IME’s were quite soft and already slightly rounded out. I’m just crossing my fingers I won’t need to undo them otherwise I think I would need replacements by then.

I just used all my burn out motors to part out, by the time i have stripped out a motor screw i have burnt out a motor. For ime’s screws I’m just very careful :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of our motors only have 2 screws. When we have a striped screw, we file off the head pull the top off, and unscrew the screw. The hole is unusable but the motor still is.

Same here.
It’s kinda sad, but it works. The motors don’t really need all 4 screws.
You could buy the motor refurb kit. It has some of the screws, but it seems like a bit of a waste to me. Oh, and it’s out of stock.

Look at the screws mentioned in this thread.

Yes, rip those screws out and replace them. When you need to replace them, then messing with the soft phillips screws in the middle of a tournament, the replacement time is much faster.

The IME ones are a bit longer.

Sorry, so which size screw is it? Or which part numbers do I need on the McMaster catalog for the short and also the long screw? :eek:

IME ones:
Type 18-8 Ss Socket Head Cap Screw, M2 Thread, 16mm Length, 0.4mm Pitch

Regular motor ones:
Type 18-8 Ss Socket Head Cap Screw, M2 Thread, 10mm Length, 0.4mm Pitch

1.5MM hex wrench (available anywhere but while you are ordering the screws…)

Awesome. Thanks so much.