Replacing Motor Wires

I am part of the McMichael Robotics Team and we are have trouble with the wires of motors stripping and creating short circuits messing up our Controllers. Has anyone had any insight on fixing the stripping or replacing the wires of motors with other, stronger wire? Any insight is helpful.

I believe it would be illegal to do so. I would just be more careful with where you mount motors in relation to mechanisms.

You can’t repair them with different wire unfortunately; it has to be identical. You can wrap them in electrical tape or shrink wrap though, which helps to repair/prevent the insulation getting cut by the motor case after the cruddy grommet brakes.

I asked this a few years ago.

R15.1.a.ii allows repairs now. This was introduced a few years ago

Now on to the manner of fixing…

Open up the motor and unsolder the existing wire from the motor. Slide off the rubber thingy.

You have to get a crimper and pins for the motors. New blocks for the two wire connector is helpful as you may trash it getting the current pins out.

Cut a wire to the original wire length plus a touch for the pin connection. Slide on the rubber thingy.

Crimp the new pins in place and slide into the connector block.

Solder the other ends (and try not to bridge the PTC with a nice solder ball if you want to stay legal)

Try and keep red on the correct side to the slot and to the right solder point. Vex messes this up sometimes and you just flip the wires around if necessary.

Hansen is a good place to source the crimpers. It is not quite as easy as you might think and you may decide the $14.99 for a new motor is a better value for your time and the expense of the crimpers.

But if motors are again out of stock for an indeterminate amount of time. The fix from a previously busted motor is your best bet.