Report Posts

How can we report posts? I have seen some threads with spam. If we can’t report posts, what should we do about them?

There is no report function. Most of the titles give spam threads away, so just leave them be, and the moderators should find them.

I’m wondering if there is no way for the mods to ban users? Because it seems that a lot of spam has been coming from a couple of the same users (unless they keep creating an account with the same name).

There is a way, I banned one yesterday that has been repeatedly posting spam.

I’ve been a bit surprised how much spam there has been. I thought that was one of the main selling points of going to this new forum. Less spam! :S

I just signed in, and I hadn’t signed in for quite some time. I wanted to post a picture, but I noticed that they deleted the gallery!!! I am really bummed by that as I had some photos that I wanted that got deleted, and I was going to post a new photo…

All photos that had been uploaded to the VEX Forum gallery were put into a Flickr album. You can still post photos, you simply need to either attach it to your post, or upload it to a hosting site such as Imgur.