Reporting Bad Referees

After going to several competitions this season, we’ve learned a lot. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced very poor reffing as well, especially by the same particular individual at various tournaments, and many other teams have agreed with us. We love volunteers, they’re giving up their time to help run a tournament, and we volunteer often as well, so we know what it feels like. However, sometimes some people are just not fit for a certain role, especially one as important as head referee, due to their attitudes and treatment of competitors.

We wonder if a way to prevent such referees, that multiple teams complain about from continuing to ref at tournaments and harass students.

It’s unlikely, but worth a try.

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You send an email to your local Regional Support Manager. Odds are, if they built up a reputation in the community, the RSM would have heard about them, and would be more likely to ban the referee from volunteering again.


We encountered a similar issue but with one specific person. If this happens at an event you can always go speak with the supervisor for your team or the event and they will discuss with the ref and make sure any bad calls are reviewed and the mistakes aren’t made in the future

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I have tried to talk to the superviser but she just said that te match was overand there was nothing they could do about it even though the same problem has been happening over and over again.

So the question I want to ask, did that behavior continue? I run events under the terms “the referee ruling is final”. Since I wasn’t there, I’m not in a position to overrule the referee. On the other hand TRRIF does not mean that I won’t have a discussion with the referee in question with rules in hand to make sure that the right calls are being made after that point.

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What was the specific problem? Like for us she was docking points for arguing when we were supporting each other (loudly). If they are making wrong calls on the field and you can get specific examples referencing the rule book than you might have a better chance at getting better refs.

I really never like to dig into other people’s events, but I’d like to try to understand this. The referee, after a match, docked you points for arguing? Are you sure they didn’t count points that were not scored? And you thinking that was unfair is what caused the “argument”