(Reposted from Official Answers) Weird LED flashes on cortex and controller

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It sounds kind of like issues others have been experiencing on the forum.
To know for sure though, it would be helpful to have more information. I.E.:
*]What Cortex revision you have (printed on the bottom of your Cortex)
*]What programming language you are using (EasyC or ROBOTC)
*]What version (if RobotC, 2.xx or, 3.xx )
*]What mastercode version
*]What happens if you try other VEXnet keys
*]What happens if you try other joystick and cortex combinations
*]What happens if you downgrade to an earlier version of your programming software

I hope we can help you, and get it figured out!

We had this issues (green light of death) with robotC 3.05, as soon as we went back to 3.04 it was fine. It was REALLY annoying though, so much time wasted reconnecting…