Reposted: <RSC1> Robot Skills Question

Are we allowed to be touching the grey tiles as long as we are touching a colored tile before the round starts?

From robot skills manual

From Sack Attack manual

Grey tiles were not mentioned in the skills manual, so what would be your conclusion?

That as long as my robot is touching the colored alliance starting tile before the round, I can place my robot on the grey tiles.

Argh, no, the other way around. SG1 still applies so you are not allowed to touch the grey tiles, the only purpose of RSC1 is to allow you to start on any colored starting tile. That’s my unofficial interpretation anyway, guess we should wait for Karthik to answer you in the official Sack Attack Q&A forum.

did you miss this part?
because the answers pretty obvious to me…
ONLY touch your color
DONT TOUCH anything else…