I am new to the forums. I have a class that has built the Protobots. I don’t know how to program at all. I need to reflash the original code for the protobot back onto the USB Adapter. I have easyCV4 installed and I have my hardware firmware updated to the latest version. Can someone please let me know where in the forums I can find instructions on re-flashing them or can someone help me by telling me how to do it?
Thanks in advance,

Hello Dave,

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In order to “reflash” your original protobot code with easyC, all you need to do is click on: Build and Download> Download easyC Default Code (screenshots attached).

Based on the tone of your question, I feel like you want varied suggestions from other more experienced VEX users; therefore, I will move your question to the Unofficial Tech Support- Ask the Community section of the forum for further feedback.


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