Reputable part sellers

Robosource, Robotmesh, Vex itsself, and Amazon fulfilled are generally considered good places to buy some things. What are other websites where you can buy plastic, washers, and screws without getting scammed?

2 Likes is a good supplier for fasteners, hardware, and especially 1/4" aluminum standoffs (but check out for their new line of fasteners and standoffs).

Not everyone can buy VEX parts from Robotmesh, just those in the pacific northwest.

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Yeah, I actually can’t either, being from Texas. I just wanted to have a list of reputable sellers somewhere on here and thought including that would be good if a californian team decided to use this thread as a reference.

McMaster has screws, washers or plastic spacers. You can learn a lot just by browsing around in mcmaster.

Find robot parts is a neat website.

California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. So PNW and California, actually :wink:


We buy from idesign now because they have free shipping that’s faster than vex’s

For washers and screws, we’ve used Fastenal with good success. We didn’t order online, though, instead went into a local store:

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I have had good success ordering screws and nuts from in the past.

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