Request for autodesk inventor mecanum wheel part

Hello VEX forum!
I would like to ask for a VEX part that I do not currently have. I have been using this autodesk library and I really like it. But it lacks a few parts, for example, new linear slides and mecanum wheels. I managed to obtain the new linear slides from the official autodesk library, but today I just discovered that I don’t have mecanum wheels either.

Despite that, Team 24 S^3 CAD Library Inventor 2013 is still the best library I have used yet. As I am not planning to download the official one all over again just to get a part, I wonder if anyone with mecanum wheel file would like to help me and post the ipt file version.

Thank you very much!

Step file:

I downloaded the wheels alone off of the product page. I recolored them with the same materials used in the S³ library. Here’s a link containing the assembly (.iam) files and the shrinkwrapped part (.ipt) derivatives. If I recall correctly, the Left/Right designation is based off of the front pair of wheels. I would double check to make sure (it might actually be based off of the back pair of wheels). You can use this picture determine which wheel is which.

I also downloaded the new linear motion kit with the same treatment process. I may have more parts you need, feel free to ask. It’s a fairly simple process of importing the parts from the .STEP file from the VEX product page and applying the correct materials.

Thank you very much 7702. Looks like a very professional bundle and I will try it as soon as I access a computer. Thank you for helping me.

By the way, I finally decided to go with mecanum wheels in skyrise because I don’t think I’ll strafe all the time; just when necessary. And a standard chassis is always easier to deal with.

Edit: As you have mentioned it, I wonder how you changed STEP file to ipt. Do you simply change the file name extension? I have never done it before and I suspect it is more than just that.

If you open the part you can then save it to a new file type.

Just typing ipt to the file name won’t do anything lol.

You can import .STEP through Inventor via the standard open dialog - just make sure “Files of type:” is set to .STEP Files. It’ll automatically import and convert it into native .ipt and .iam files. For assembly .STEP files (where there are more than one bodies I think is how it works), an Inventor part (.ipt) is created for each body and then put into an Inventor assembly file (.iam). It stores the freshly converted parts in a folder called “Imported Components” in your project’s directory. You can use the Save As command to move it around, or just copy it from the Imported Components folder.

After importing, I edit each part’s material and color accordingly. I usually do this with the game field as well, but my conversion is nowhere near as good as Cody’s because I don’t know anything about the materials used for the field. He’s able to get the materials and colors correct and has said he uses Maya which has a different materials editor. Regardless, he doesn’t publicly release the materials used and I can respect that. If anyone knows any of the correct materials (preferably Inventor, but I can try Maya or 3ds Max), let me know and I’d love to properly convert the .STEP file into a native Inventor assembly.

Thanks to everyone. I will try that as soon as possible. The information you provided is very helpful.