Request for June 15 Update

May I request for the loading zone and the climbing zone to be highlighted and in separate diagrams in the June 15 update? Right now my team is still quite confused about these 2 zones.

Thank you Khartik

From my understanding the loading zone is your starting tile(s), and the climbing zone is the 4 tiles in your corner. I will provide a picture of the different zones, but hopefully Karthik can clarify!

EDIT: The loading zone is incorrect in my example.


I don’t think your loading zones are correct. The loading zone is defined as:

EDIT: Here is my own MS Paint drawing of the loading zones (thanks for the render Cody).
Loading Zones.jpg

I just went back to check and I now see where I got confused. I just saw their example of the bot in the tile and wasn’t actually paying attention to the part about it saying “touching the loading zone”.


and this is where the confusion starts

It would be more logical to load from that half of the starting tiles and the gray tile anyways. Whenever you’re loading you’re going to want to be close enough for your teammate to toss the balls to your robot without them bouncing off and rolling away.

The Climbing Zone is the four tiles in the corner of each respective teams.

The **Loading Zone **is the two halves of the starting tile and the singular gray square, also defined as the diagonal marked by the tape. You may toss the ball in the loading zone, or gently place the ball on a robot touching the Loading Zone. (I interpret this as: “Your robot can be partially inside the Loading Zone for you to legally load the balls and is doesn’t have to be the entire robot.”)

Disclaimer: I am not 100% sure, so please be nice.