Request for V5 Motors


We arrived at worlds with practically no spare V5 motors for the 3 teams.
We were hoping to purchase some from the vex store.
But apparently they decided not to sell any V5 stuff during worlds.

So here i am - making an appeal to any teams that are in worlds, and you have spare V5 motors to sell to us.
We will pay in cash for the motors or if you trust me enough, we will ship the brand new motors back to you (once we get our hands on it when we are back home).

We are from 8059 btw.

Thank you so much!

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Hi! We have spare motors. Can you DM me?


They aren’t selling any V5 at Worlds? That seems like a big miss on someone’s part. Are you sure they aren’t bringing it out for Thursday?

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Wow that stinks. I would love to be able to but seeing as I neither have v5 or are attending worlds there’s not much I can do. Good luck

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@meng Come and find me tomorrow at tech support.


No… it is an intentional decision.
The people at vex store explained that this is because some of the teams didn’t received their V5 orders before worlds, so they wanted to be fair and not sell V5 stuff at the worlds vex store.

I am ok with their decisions actually, just got to figure out how else we can get the stuff that we need.

But of course, it would be nice if they had made a statement and told all the teams about this decision before worlds (so that the teams can better prepared for it).


DM me if you are still in need