Requesting details on VexOS 1.1.1

Oh pog! Thats awesome!

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Any chance we can get a rev2 of V5 with USB-C (and static protection!)?


You ask this a lot.
I don’t know the answer and it’s unlikely anyone from VEX will ever share future product planning.


@sazrocks, you just need to ask the right way:

O, almighty @DRow, who bestows on us animated giphy wisdom, worth 1000 memeie words …

O, magnificent @jpearman, who tirelessly empowers us with V5 programming wisdom, worth 1000 sleepless hours of infinitely frustrating debugging time …

O, sneaky @Sidoti, who trolls us with blurred out images of next year game, worth 1000 posts of speculations about banana shaped game objects …

Please, grace us with the joy of knowledge that the next generation of V5 brains will come with beefed up ESD protections, or we would have no choice but to cry for 1000 years, filling up our fields with electricity conducting tears :sob: :sob: :sob:


Assume this also applies to 3-wire Expander ports and not just the V5 built in 3-wire ports?

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Yes, it applies to both.


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