Yes, octaves.

Reusable code.
Ability to cut/past between projects.
More than one project open at a time.

Text variables, lists.

More control over decimal places in “Print”.

Definitely legibility. Thin outline on test, Or, since blocks are so pastel, does black text work?

Pie-in-the-sky: ability to change background, or grey and dark themes.

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Sorry for the delay in response on this… wanted to give all of the ideas some thought. Thanks for all of the feedback!

Agreed - may not be at 1.0, but shortly there after.

Agreed - after 1.0, but “MyBlocks” are on the roadmap for later this year.

Hmm… Will have to think about this one since tablets won’t be able to run mutliple projects at the same time… Might be a desktop only feature.

Agreed - after 1.0, but “String” and “Boolean” variable types are on the roadmap. Scratch has the advantage of being a dynamically typed language, we’re generating C++ code behind the scenes - so we have a few more constraints to work with.

Agreed - may not be at 1.0, but shortly there after.

Trying to keep 1-to-1 with Scratch, but a high contrast mode is something others have requested. Something we’ll consider. Black text works well on some colors, but not all. Could also experiment with a black outline around the white text to increase visibility - have to see what we can make the block engine do…

Not a high priority as of now but something we’ll consider moving forward.



Our very nubie elementary student team just used this successfully for Programming Skills at our local Signature Event. They learned fast using it.

Did have a few error messages when download failed. Corrected by restarting VEXcode. Could be driver issues - our Windows 7 laptops have had serial port issues with all VEX programming environments. Will keep checking.

When a device is renamed, would be good to have that promulgate to all blocks that select the previous name. Haven’t tried variable renaming yet, but same idea.

Later edit: Hah, currently the Team is 3rd in the world for Skills (elementary school). For a moment…