Rerun I think?

I have several questions regarding “rerun,” as I think it’s called. (As in you drive your robot, and then the robot does your actions autonomously.) First, what is rerun, and how does it work? Can it be done in both RobotC and EasyC? Is one allowed to use it to make an autonomous, and could you use it for programming skills? If it’s really that easy, then why don’t more people do it?

that sounds interesting.
i too want to know more

Rerun Test for Vex

From what I’ve heard it’s really hard to program and requires good, non-affected, sensor outputs to be consistent. Most people just program with the shaft encoders and maybe wait commands and brute force it until it works as that’s a lot faster

even in the vid you can see that the robot is slightly off at the end

Fair enough.

There seems to be some misinformation. You actually need no sensors, basic rerun simply stores the values of what the motors are set to at any given moment. There are many posts about this, you can literally search “vex rerun” in google and get a number of links. Here is a useful one…

Rerun, or ReRun as I see it called in other places, is just a form of data collection then uses that data to output values to the motors. It is not too complex. You can just make a for-loop that takes motor values, but that brings up the main problem with rerun: It’s not accurate enough. That is why most teams that make use of a rerun system take data from sensors rather than motor values and output the values into a PID task. That makes it even more accurate. However, it’s still not accurate enough. This is sadly because of the Cortex. It can only do so much at a time. The accuracy of a rerun system depends on the refresh rate that you would use in the aformentioned For-loop. As you could probably tell from this paragraph, rerun is hard to get working and it may not even be accurate enough. I personally use it for partner autonomous programs and I know at least 10 other teams that use it. You can use it for programming skills as well. The only rerun programs I have seen is in RobotC, but it should not be hard to implement in EasyC. Hope this helped.

Its also called replay. That may give you different results. On another note here are another two resources.