Rerun Mk1

Team 5776E’s Rerun Test - Pretty Lit :slight_smile:

Is the rerun completely time-based, or does it record sensor values?

I’m assuming sensors looking at the ose’s on the robot.

It is entirely sensor based, alternatively we sometimes use Joystick inputs

That’s amazing! Great work! I was wondering if would be so kind as to share the programming you used. This is exactly what my team needs for skills. Thanks!

I really want this code :slight_smile:

There is quite a lot about rerun on the forum.

This thread has a good bit of useful information, and contains two separate (but similar) rerun systems:

You should read the thread, and others with similar related content. Search for “rerun” and “replay” in the forum search, or use google to search the forum for multiple terms. You should know that rerun/replay is not a panacea to your autonomous programming worries. It can be fun to play with, and it can help with simple autonomous actions. It can also teach you something about the difficulty in programming autonomous action, and convince you that sensors are helpful.

Both systems discussed in the referenced thread send data back over the debugStream which is then used to construct an autonomous task. It’s not clear in the OP video whether the autonomous action is done by recording, generating, compiling, and downloading an autonomous task/function, or whether the replay can be recorded and run without downloading. If what you want is the latter, then it is practically trivial to adapt one of these methods to storing data in local arrays, and then replaying the action from the arrays.

@Doug Moyers put his recording code here:

@OverlyOptimisticProgramer has his code here: