Research Division Reveals

Our students are finishing the reveal right now. We should be posting sometime this weekend or Monday at the latest. Does anyone else in the research division care to share?

Well Our old robot we still have is decent for our state, the new one which we are gonna be done with(hopefully Monday) will be a lot better. Our old robot is just a chain bar and a four bar for mogo lift with a 20 pt autonomous.

What’s your team number?

48180S. We also had a good robot for states. We lost in the finals in Florida. The new robot is done, but being tweaked here and there. The old one used a rd4b that could stack 11 max, but wobbly. Realistic max was about 8. New one has 18 cone max. Much faster and more efficient.

Well we lost in finals Bc our alliance got stuck on a cone and it was a 1v2 and it was just our matched bc of or alliance getting stuck. Here in wv our highest stacker was 11 which we allianced with and everyone else could stack 5 or under. We could stack 5 but the team we lost to only can stack 3. I don’t expect that we’re gonna do well but we’re trying to get the new robot up and running so we can get ampx: 8-10 cones. If you want pictures of our old bot just ask

1961X and K will probably livestream their reveal sometime on the day before worlds- and then upload right after the stream. X is the one that is in Research.

Will 1961U be doing a reveal?

1961x looks very good. Just watched a youtube vid of the GA TSA 1v1. Very fast scoring.

Maybe idk.

That is their old robot.

Here is our Worlds Reveal. See everyone next week!

very well decorated and looks well built. good luck

What internal ratio is your lift on? It looks like torque from the video, and I can’t help but feel that a 4 motor arm could easily run 1:7 speed, even 1:7 turbo.

Great robot though, and if you can get that lift slightly faster I think you’ll have a good chance. Good luck!

On behalf of the Supreme Alliance, we are proud to release the Supreme Alliance Reveal. Our 2017-2018 worlds reveal features teams 99000A (Research), 1104S (Math), and 99000B (Math). DM us on our Instagram if we are in your division, or have matches with us!

Reveal Youtube Link

Absolutely beautiful reveal, one of the best I’ve seen. Keep it up guys!


917F Quantum Flux’s reveal!
And don’t forget to check out our main thread too.

Looking forward to playing with all of you!

Here is the reveal for team 536C from Xavier Robotics.