Research Division

Use this thread to complain discuss about being in the research division. And to show reveals for scouting purposes.
Here is my teams reveal

We are ready.

Here is our reveal. See you all on Thursday.

Hey! We are team 934z, and will be competing in the research division. Division looks stacked! Should be great competition.
Check out our Instagram page @team934z

6 motor turbo speed drive 4" diameter omnis
4 motor 1:5 arm torque motors
2 motor 1:7 claw torque motors.

Pics of our double reverse 4 bar are attached!

well, these matches should be fun for all of us, im making a scouting sheet for our division.
if anyone wishes to get into contact with me you can reach me on our instagram, or by phone
Instagram: 2886B_Bulldawgs


Will the scouting sheet be made public for all of us?

We are team 50,000 in the (Deep sigh) Research division. We didn’t get around to making a reveal video, but here’s a video of our robot anyhow:

It’s actually a bit faster now than it was in that video as we took apart EVERY SINGLE MOTOR on Sunday and re-greased them, they were apparently quite dry, thus the noise.
Deffinitive capacity is 7 stars, 2 cubes, or 4 stars and a cube.
More stars appear at the end of the video if you watch the entire thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Escargo havent though about it but maybe, i know on the vex teams of the world discord chat they are making a scouting sheet for every division, its a public document

Team 1200C reveal. There is a thread we posted on the forums. We’re excited to see y’all there!

I’m kind of scared now. I just want to make playoffs at this point :smiley:

This is our reveal from a month ago, we’re better now.

This is our robot

Good luck to everyone in Research. It should be fun.

I posted this earlier in another thread, but it makes sense to have it here as well.

Hey guys, research should be fun. I am excited to compete with you all.

Here’s my reveal if your interested:
Vex Vortex Reveal