Research Project Concerning Programmed Speed and Accurate Tasks

Hi, I’m doing a research project and experiment, and I’d like to know if anyone knew about any good websites I could use that relate to the programmed speed of a simple bot affecting how accurate a simple task is performed. I’m using simple vex robot I had last year for the experiment.

do you mean how accurate a robot’s movements can be?

I would look into PID.
I would use that guide. It’s somewhat hard to understand though. Another PID resource is Matlab’s series explaning it:

Also look into motion profiling. Trapezoid profiles should be easy to understand. You could try looking at s curve motion profiles, but they are very complicated.

You could also look at odometry.

Some of these things will be above your level

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I would agree that a PID is very important to moving accurately and tuned right it is very helpful for your future.

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