Reset microcrontroller

How do you reset the microcontroller once you no longer have access to the programming software?

If by “Reset” you mean “Reload the default software”, I think you could get a copy of the free “IFI Loader” and use it to reload a copy of the (already compiled) default software.

Try using the tools described in this web page


I do not have any of the programming stuff. Why can’t there just be a very small default button?

Do you have the orange cable to connect your computer to the Vex? If not, is there a school in your area that you can borrow/use on?

If you have the orange cable you can download the IFI loader and the default .hex code from this site.

Ack, I bet you wish you’d programmed it with the default code before you got rid of the programming kit :confused: (or how ever you did it before).

I think your best bet is to find someone who could do it for you. I’m in the silicon valley area, you? I’d be happy to reset it for you.

Update: I see you are in NY, which is not quite very close to CA :slight_smile:

The offer still stands via mail, but surely someone near you might be able to help you too.

Alex, while it would be a great feature to have, it would be an expensive one. IFI would need to create a new motherboard with additional memory on it to hold the program, and they would need to engineer a way to make it auto replace the old program when reset. (or they could make a toggle between original program and user downloaded) The processor might not be able to handle it, and they’d have to upgrade it. The memory/new processor/new mobo would increase the price of the controller by a good $50 I’m guessing.