Resizing at matches

I have seen this done at some competitions that I have gone to and I am curious about this. Are referees allowed to re-size you after you have passed inspection (when you are on the field waiting for the match to begin)?


Yes, if they think you are too big. You should be fine if you are following rules, not making your robot bigger after sizing. Read the rule book. Why does this worry you?


A team at a competition got DQ’ed for a match even though they passed inspection (when they were re-sized they didn’t pass). I was just curious.

They must have made a change, or wasn’t in their tucked in position.


I’ve seen that before on EDR.

I recall a scissor lift at could only pass inspection if it was pressed down hard. But then it couldn’t expand properly. So the team would “fluff” it up, for lack of a better term. But it was clear that in that condition it was too tall. And not just close. It was like 2” too tall in that loose configuration. Unfortunately the ref would let them take it off the field and compress it to check size, say it was good and then they would place it back on the field and “fluff” it again.


At one competition we passed inspection with a pushbot, and then we added a ton of stuff (on the field), and the inspection person said it was okay.

That’s because the inspection person said it was OK, because you got reinspected. You can make changes during events. If they are major changes, you need to get reinspected. Check the rules!

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Yes, we asked the person, and he just said
“if it’s not over 18 inches then ok”

Yes. This is a concern this year due to the flip out of the tray. Most designs have trays that are pushed into position. We know that rubber bands loosen up throughout a day of matches. This can affect a robot that barely passes size inspection at 8am.

I generally run it by teams when I do an inspection that if they make a change to there robot that alters it greatly to find me and I will resize them so there is no worry about it right before a match