Resources from RoboDesigners

My team has created team resources that we’d like to share with you.

Blog: Instead of just keeping a log of meetings, we’re posting learnings, tutorials, and reviews on our blog. We’ve covered topics ranging from the advantages of CAD software to Arrays in ROBOTC, and even how to use the LCD. I’m trying to keep it updated frequently, so check back often!

Team Youtube Channel: We’ll add interesting videos we see to our channel playlists, but we also publish robot tutorials.

My Youtube Channel: I’ve uploaded some tutorials I’ve made to my Youtube channel as well. Many relate to robotics (a lot are for FLL right now–I’m going to start doing some VEX ones), and some are math videos. (By the way–if you have a tutorial you’d like to see me make, let me know… if enough people want it, I may make time to record and upload it.)

Team Twitter: We tweet during competitions about our progress. In addition, we tweet (and retweet) about events and articles that relate to robotics.

Team Website: We use our website to update others about our team’s progress and to share many resources. We have a lot of FLL-related resources (and another page for robotics resources in general). We’re also working on broadening our programming resources pages to help teams prepare for programming competitions.

We’re also experimenting with creating a Facebook page and a Google+ page. Not much is there yet, but we should have resources on there sometime soon.


Very nice! I look forward to seeing more updates!