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			 			 		 		   		 	   	 	 	 		 			 			  				 				**inventers guide** 			
		  			 		 		 		 		 I just saw that in the iventers guide under in the motion sections inventoy and says that it comes with 4 all purpose wheels while thewhole vex inventory in the back says you only get 2:confused:

You get 4 of the “removable tires”, and 4 of the “hubs”, 2 of the “all-purpose tires”, and 2 of the “knobby tires”.

If you get the “extra” Wheel Kit, you get a compleate set of the above.


Mine says, the same thing. I think it is just another typo. don’t worry about it. you should have 4 small wheels, 2 medium, and 2 large.

what I think it means is that you hav the wheels (hubs) and then you have the tires (removeable tires) that way if you want 0 traction (or sometihng around there) you can just use the hubs