Responding to "Robokid123" on Thread "Microcontroller"

Please read Whats an “interrupt”

You should probably just post in his thread. If you’re not familiar with vBulletin, you can easily respond to other threads without starting a new topic.

(I say this not to be patronizing, but many other types of forums will make what appears to be a whole new topic when one responds to a post)

I agree with you, that would be the “Cleanest Solution” but “Robokid123” posted “Microcontroller” in the Forum “Vex Forum > Official Vex Technical Support > Ask the Experts - Post ALL Tech Support Questions”, in which I can not post a reply to.

My options are to Do Nothing, and let an Offical post a response. (Which they are usually very good at, but the “Holiday” in the USA seems to have got them slowed down).

Post a Private Message to “Robokid123” which then he/she will only get the bennifit of the information.

Or, Start a New Thread, with a Title that has both the Posters Name and Title of the Original Thread and some helpful information.

Since this Configuration of vBulletin always has the latest posts on the Top Page, the poster will most likely see their name in the Title and read the New Thread.

Gotcha. I didn’t know his post was in the “Experts Only” section.

I don’t start New Threads “Willy-Nilly”, it’s too much work…