responding to "WarrenBoudreaux" on "Leaving Autonomous Mode"

Did you update your Vex to the V7 Master Code???

Found on the Vex Robotics Downloads page.

Yes, I did. No change.
Autonomous executes all the way to the bottom. I have a Print-To-Screen at the bottom.
But, the manual operation section never gets entered. I have a P-T-S at the top of that one.
I am curious. Why can’t I put a P-T-S into the Main?

Since it apears that you are in a competition, you don’t want to give away your best “work”. So, can you post a “very simple” example of your programming failing, so that we can give you pointers.

No need to post code. Just go run the 2006 Competition Template and see what happens.

I think I figured out the solution, despite the total lack of documentation.

I’ll test it tonight and post a note about the results.

The theory is that you need to toggle the transmitter off and back on to get the brain to go into Operator controlled mode.