Results from past large tournaments

I have been wondering for a while about some of these since I have been competing since Cleansweep. On Robotevents results from past Nationals and Worlds like Round Up and Cleansweep aren’t available/have disappeared. Is there anywhere that they are archived that I haven’t found? I feel like RECF must have them somewhere? Examples of tournaments I’m talking about-
Cleansweep U.S. Nationals
Round Up U.S. Nationals
Cleansweep Worlds
Round Up Worlds


Hey, if you got to robotevents and put your cursor over robot competitions a tab says archived seasons then you can pick your year.

I hadn’t noticed that, thanks. But still, most of the events I’m looking at say that no results are available yet…

Worlds is on their from last year so im guessing that most events that had results posted are the ones that will work.

Could someone from RECF comment on this?

I have also noticed that anything over 1 year old seems to be removed. I have not found an archive anywhere.

“Aren’t available” and “disappeared” are two different things. It was pretty common in the past for an event partner to hand-enter the awards they gave, but not upload the detailed event results. For example, the 2010 VEX Robotics Championship of the Americas - HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION Event Code: RE-VRC-00-3231 has its awards posted, but not match results.

From the above descriptions, I’m not sure where you are all looking for events, but is the official site.

If you have a specific event (including event code, please) in mind, please let me know and I’ll take a look. We do not remove results from old events, and except for 2008-2009 and earlier, which was before the beginning of, what is online is pretty much what we have.

For example, after Pan Pacific in 2011, I directed people to:

Clicking the vexscores link now says

When I click on the Results tab on RobotEvents, nothing exists:

I just checked and the data that used to be in VEX Scores several years ago is lost. The match details were not ported to Robot Events. Most of those old events do have the award winners posted in Robot Events.