Retiring Coach, Farewell Message Ideas

Hi Everyone,
I have a coach that is retiring, and me and my teammate want to do something special for him. We got some presents that we hope that he will like and cherish, and we are all planning on writing a card for him. I would like some ideas as to what my message to him should be. I want him to know that I really appreciate him and that I will miss him and never forget what he has done for me. What would be a good way to convey this message to him? I want it to be special.
Also, I plan on giving him his present on Tuesday, May 30, so any time from Memorial Day to before then would be helpful for a response.


What my team did was give him a picture of him with the students framed. We also got him his favorite food if you know what his is.


*teammates, not teammate.

I have a series of handwritten notes that I keep in my backpack from a class about a decade ago. There really isn’t much I treasure more in the world. I’ve added a couple of things to it over time, but those 11 notes still bring me to tears just by thinking about them.

Trophies and such are appreciated as well, but then there’s a matter of, “What do I do with all this stuff?” My advice is to just get some lined paper and thank them in your own words. Express what their involvement in robotics meant to you personally. They gave you a lot to give you the opportunities you have had. Get a few other people to do the same. They will truly love it.


Thanks for the idea. I agree that a heartfelt message is what I need. I just need an idea of what to say. I’m probably overthinking it, but I will miss him a lot and I want him to know how much I appreciate him.

Totally agree with @sankeydd over here.
To the teachers/educators/coaches, nothing beats a well-written, heart-felt notes of thanks or appreciation from the students.

Here are some of the notes and photos (taken during competitions) from my alumni and they are permanently stuck at my cubicle wall - to encourage myself during those days that I find it hard going.


Wow! That’s awesome!
I will try to make it as heartfelt as possible!

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That’s a great idea! A few of my presents to him include a photo frame with my team in it and his favorite chocolates. :grin:
I really hope he likes what me and my teammates planned for him!

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I was going to suggest that - team photo, and kind words (don’t force it)

Here is an example thanks I received from a HS senior who started robotics with me as 6th grader:

Thank you for all you’ve done for us over the past seven years, I don’t think I can put into words the impact you have had on our robotics journey.

I do have to say, I can’t put into words the impact they have had on my robotics journey, as I am sure your coach feels towards your team.


Thank you for the example! I really appreciate it!
I hope he likes it :sweat_smile:


Also, let your building administration and guidance know about positive impact that program has had on you and your classmates. It helps to assure program keeps on.


Alright! I’ll remember to add that to my message! Thank you for the idea!


Hi Everyone!
I just want to thank everyone for helping me! I gave my coach his farewell gift, and he absolutely loved it! I’m happy to know that he absolutely loves it, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me!
Thanks again to all!