Retiring team numbers

Are there any teams that will not be competing next year and are not part of a school or organization with similar numbers? We wouldn’t mind paying you for your rec foundation team information and taking on your number if it is 4 digits or less. we would rename the team and obviously update the info to conform to our team, but if you would like the legacy of your team number to continue we’d be happy to take it on.

What you want is completely countering the meaning of the term “retired”. I’m sorry, but you are basically asking to take credit of another team’s history.

Don’t try to make yourself look better by having a good past, work hard and have a good future.

A good team will know not to judge other teams based on their performance in previous seasons.


I think the OP wanted the number, not the achievements. Yes, they go hand in hand, but I believe OP would accept any number no matter the history.

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That’s the intention but ehh, some numbers look kinda ugly tbh

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If you want to use another team’s number, I would recommend not using any letters that team has already used. That way their records stay the same and are listed under their name, and your records are all listed under your new name, but you can still use their number.


we arent looking for achievements. we do not want to appear to have a successful past. if the number had absolutely zero competitions on its slate, or had zero awards, that would be even better. we want a number that can be remembered and will make a lasting impression on people when they see our bot.


solid point. that would make it even better. we would be happy to start a new team with that number but a new letter to get a clean slate.

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The best way to make a lasting impression is to make a good bot. A specific number isn’t going to do it for you.

Get your own number and make a really solid, consistent robot and the recognition will come soon enough.


understandable. this past year we built an incredibly clean robot that functioned better than some that were invited to worlds, but we didnt even make it to elims at our regional competition. we know that a reputation is a difficult thing to build, and we plan to come out strong next year after a disappointing end to the season this year. to iterate my point about numbers, ill let you know that ours is 63857a. try remembering that when there are numbers like 375x and 2442c.

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I like my number… 99999V, somehow my 2 year old club got the largest possible number, how that’s possible, idk. surprised nobody had snagged it before us. you can always look for some nice available numbers. I think if the number is not part of a vrc or iq team, it’s considered availiable? pretty sure? I doubt there are any 2 digit numbers left, but there may be a few 3 digits and probably quite a bit of 4 digit numbers, some of which probably are quite catchy.


that’s incredible! lucky for u guys. yeah i guess theres still hope, its just a chore to sit on recf and type in numbers hoping for it to accept one of them. :confused:

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Wait. Can a new team pick their numbers?

I believe there is an option for asking for a specific one if available.

There are numbers you won’t get - like 44.

That’s what I did, I tried every number possible, until 138 worked. It was the lowest number that worked, and so we grabbed it. (We are a two-year old team)

My team number (44833B) kind if has a nice ring to it. 8675309 would be amazing, but I doubt it’s available(length, and if not someone who understands the reference probably has it). Any number of pi digits (314159…) would also be cool, but I’m sure those are taken.

I totally understand wanting a recognizable number. (Painful pit searches for qual alliances… shiver)

Obviously, the intentions are as listed above. So let’s look at what makes a number recognizable: repitition, numerical order (13689, 1256, etc.), mirroring (55855, 63113, 70707, etc.)

That’s all that comes to mind for me right now, sorry. But I’m sure we can find you a good number.

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How does one find the remaining numbers? On vex via you can get a complete list of teams, but retired numbers don’t show up, so if a number isn’t on that list it doesn’t mean it’s available

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You can always make a script to search through<team number>.


On VexDB you can see a list of every team number that has ever competed. If you don’t see a number on that list, it’s most likely available, although it could have been registered by put just never competed.

This past year, two new teams got numbers 7 and 8.

There are actually still some 2-digit numbers available, plus several 3-digit numbers.

I’ve made a list of the numbers that were available last time I checked (which was several months ago).

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I think the song went 8675309. (8675A, Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0, chose their number for that reason.)

As for pi, 3141 is taken, but I haven’t checked 31415 (or 314, although I’m sure that’s taken, too).

I would say the hardest numbers to remember are 5-digit numbers with no symmetry or pattern to them, unless there is something about them that makes them easier to remember.

77321 is easy to remember, as are 10101, but .

Sometimes a symmetrical number can be harder to remember than a less-symmetrical number if there are repeated digits in the wrong places. But some of this depends on the person, or on the way you pronounce the number (ninety-nine thousand vs. 9-9-0-0-0), or whether it’s being written down vs. spoken out loud.

You also want to make sure your number isn’t easy to confuse with the number of a team you will be at the same tournaments as (like a team in your region, or a team who regularly makes it to Worlds, like with 7682 and 7862 - 6 and 8 look very similar).


And named their robot “Jenny”