Retract pneumatic solenoid when no program running

When in the program selection screen, the pneumatic pistons are extended. Is there any way to configure them to not extend unless in a program that explicitly turns them on? Turning them on when no program is running wastes air when debugging code and the program is stopped and started repeatedly.

What kind of pneumatic pistons are you using? The ones powered both ways, or the ones powered one way?

one way
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On the solenoids for the one way pistons, there is one side that has two outlet holes. I believe that if you switch which hole your output line is connected to then your default position would be closed.


Interesting… thanks. I’ll look when I get to school tomorrow.

It worked, thanks a lot! :smiley:

When I want the solenoid to be extended by default I switched the holes.

This works for me but only if I cover the second hole with my finger.

Is there a part that is designed to block this hole?

I believe that if you switch the input line with the output line and vice-versa then your system will work fine.
I do not think that there is a hole blocking part.

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