REVEAL: ALBA's Open Source Starstruck Robot

Reveal Video


Drive: 4 motor internal 240rpm (turbo) gearing on 3.25" omnis
Lift: 4 motor 1:7 6-bar (modified/irregular 6 bar for change of tray angle)
Intake: 2 motor internal 100rpm (torque) side rollers


3 star or 1 star + cube capacity
Intakes both stars and cubes in middle of field (without need of something to push against)
Low hang
VRC legal

The goal was to build an extremely simple robot that was capable of scoring in all of the ways that Starstruck offers (i.e. stars, cubes, and hanging) although not necessarily high scoring in each of those areas (in the near zone, not the far zone and only a low hang) that utilizes the most common mold for vex robots - tank drive, n-bar arm, roller intake.
As such the robot is very easy and cheap to build. All of the parts a team would need to purchase to build, drive, and compete with this robot starting from scratch come in right around $1300. It only uses the most common vex parts and does not require any irregular cutting - only splitting c-channels into segments that are a multiple of five holes long.
Hopefully, this can be a good starting place for many new teams that are wondering what to build as it gives a good list of standard parts to purchase and demonstrates good build practices for some of the most common mechanisms in VRC.

Suggested improvements

Add a hanging lock to make it a high hang
Put some sensors on that base
Write higher scoring autonomous routines


In the interest of full disclosure anyone who tries building this things should know that the side rollers are not perfect. I think intakes every year have required a ton of tuning, even with simple objects (e.g. magic bucky ball intakes from toss up). This is no exception. The side rollers sometimes jam while intaking. Usually this is easy to correct but the little teeny-tiny details of how the side-rollers are built and driven will have a HUGE impact on this. Also, you can see that this hasn’t been driven on a real Starstruck field yet, so there might be unforeseen problems caused by a real fence or hanging pole.


The code is on Github
It’s for PROS. It’s all pretty simple; this robot doesn’t require much fancy programming. The autonomous routine is just a framework. You’ll have to test and adjust it with your robot and a real field.

CAD Model
There are a few pictures from different angles and a couple of easy to open static versions of the CAD model (.dwfx and .stp). The real thing is in the pack and go folder. It contains the assembly and all the parts referenced by it.

Image Gallery

I recommend buying parts from robotmesh and robosource as they have either free shipping or the best prices. The details for each item are based off of the website in the third party column in any cases where they differ from vexrobotics (eg the tools).

Hopefully some of you out there will find this entertaining and/or useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments.

Love how simple the robot is!

What a “flashy” reveal. :wink:

Wow that actually seems like it could have pretty easily won at a recent tournament. Have you competed with this yet? Or done any type of skills run? If so, what score did you get?

I found this way too funny

I’ll answer for him. They compete in VEXU here in Arizona, so they haven’t had any tournaments (or access to a full field) yet.

Wow, that is a really great robot!

@Highwayman, thank you for putting in all this extra work and sharing your design on the forum early in the season!

Our students that are coming back from a summer break will have a great choice to copy from be inspired by: XLR8 catapult, great selection of Singapore’s robots and now the side-rollers!

Wow thanks for sharing the vid. I was starting to think that designs with side rollers might be a good idea and its cool to see that someone was able to produce results with something everyone deemed not possible at the start! good luck

Thanks to everyone who’s posted so far for the praise

Just to add to what Aponthis said, we should have access to a full field somewhat soon (depending on how soon his team gets it ordered and how slow the school system is). However, I don’t know if we will ever take this robot to a competition. At least not in this exact form.

No nothing extra. 4 motors 1:7 are adequate for a low or high hang.

Yeah, it seems like we are seeing a good variety of designs early in the season this year (and perhaps we can add to that list 62’s catapult if they ever get their video together).

Quit mooching. :wink: