Reveal or Not?

We are a second year team that has qualified for worlds? I was wondering if we should make a reveal video. What are some of the PROS and cons of making a reveal video? What are some tips? How do we not violate music copyrights?

Edit: Will a reveal that people have seen, help us with alliance selection at worlds?

Like if you got the programming joke.


Pros: it’s fun to make the video. Others might also find it interesting.

Con: you think that of the 15,000 VRC competition robots in the world, yours is utterly unique and if you share it, all 800 teams at Worlds will copy it and you will lose.

I think you should go for it. :slight_smile:


Obviously with your post and RMS profile picture you didn’t get the PROfesional joke xD

Either use non-copyrighted music, spend $30 on a license, or don’t monetize your video on YouTube and allow ads to appear.

Go to YouTube audio for uncopyrited songs


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You can see the policies set by copyright holders at this page:

This will tell you if
A.) Your song is available to use, or blocked in any countries
B.) If it will be subject to ads

Do you think it would help for alliance selection at worlds?

I definitely think a reveal video is a good idea. they’re fun to make, and I do think people will be more inclined to select you for alliance, as reveal videos do tend to make a robot look a bit more OP than they actually perform lol.

Personally I love the idea of reveals. They help get your name out there and might help you get into eliminations if you have a bad day.

My name helps me sometimes, but other times, people don’t recognize my logo and connect the dots. If they knew my robot from a reveal, it might help more.
But then again, if your goal is to really do well, I might wait until a week or so until many teams ship off to Worlds to avoid design-stealing. (As if that would even be a problem with many OP teams, though…)

An early season reveal will help you to gain publicity, but late season, you might just get lost in the mass of upcoming videos. But there’s no real downside, though.

the reality is, 574c posts reveals, teasers, skills runs, and is still DECIMATING all of us in skills, so i can’t see what there is to lose lol

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Even better than a reveal, just post an exact cad of your bot and your code online!