Reveal: OSIZR by ALBA

…that’s a lot of driving back and forth.

I said preloads, not matchloads. Just remember the acronym “YOGOP.”


It’s just one trip.

Whatever works for you. I plan on qualifying with Tournament Champion, and if that fails, Excellence, Design, or Tournament Finalist.

My b, I was thinking match loads.


Excellence is supposed to require skills. Lol, Arizona judging

Thanks, @Aponthis said I should have had an open source notebook for the robot, which might have been cool but it’s easier to just let the forum and several gigabytes of video be my documentation. Now if I could just turn that in to the judges :stuck_out_tongue:

I will run my autonomous routine as programming skills. No one else in AZ makes Prog. skills routine anyway, usually.

Working on it… @JustinM can attest to the quality of my runs.

You shouldn’t have shown your hand… You know how competitive I am. I may work on Programming Skills if I get my robot done way early, which will happen if nothing catastrophic happens.


My favorites are the ones that fail but in a funny way :stuck_out_tongue:

Suuuuure “done early”

@Highwayman you’d probably still get to semis at least at the first VEXU tournament with this robot…

That’s way overestimating the level of competition. It would probably win. Definitely would if he sped up the drive and added the extra motors there. You only have one robot per alliance in VEXU, so we probably won’t see all the cones used, even at Worlds. Thus, this robot should be fine.

The reason I never had a good robot early is because the robot stuff was always at Chantelle’s house until mid-July, and she would be away. I’ve already got my robot mostly donr, and it’s mid-June.

I think his next robot will be even better though :stuck_out_tongue:

He can speed it up and tweak, but other than that I don’t know how to improve on this robot for VEXU. I don’t see why he should rebuild.

So anyone knows the song for this video? :smiley: It’s epic.

Nightwish - Amaranth (Instrumental)

Thanks!!! Woot.

Is that just a clever move to lull us into a false sense of confidence, so your team can swoop in and win? I’m considering making it into a vexu robot or skills robot. We really need to know what is going on with expansion, though.
@JustinM or @Aponthis we need a scrimmage

Such a good song! Lyrics version is even better imo

Same, but my catastrophe is guaranteed, and is coming Monday in the form of a 6 week out-of-country vacation of a lifetime, preventing me from accessing the robot for the entire rest of summer.

My feelings about this trip are extremely ambivalent.

I understand the experience… First world problems, right?

Yeah … ngl I’m really looking forward to it, I just don’t get to have a robot built by the beginning of the school year.