Reveal: OSIZR by ALBA

Great robot! How well does it pick up tipped cones?

Cool robot!

I really like that the mini lift for the mobile goal is inside of the robot and doesn’t have to fold out. The robot might also be better if it was a double layer lift like Antichamber’s with the 2 extra motors or just a simple 6 bar with chainbar with it on the top. A better use of the other motors might be just to make a system that gets cones that are tipped over.

Darn, I forgot to put that in the reveal. It can right tipped cones pretty easily with either the front or back lift by pushing down on the base of the cone and driving the direction it needs to tip back upright, but it definitely slows you down.

Would you mind if you provided a short clip of the robot demonstrating that cone-righting ability?

I’m in Glacier NP for the rest of the week, so I might call my sister and see if she can make a video. Otherwise I for sure will after I get back on Monday.


I can only imagine her trying to right a cone with your robot. It can probably wait.

Well she did edit the reveal in hitfilm, reexprt it, and upload to YouTube. Who knows, maybe she’s a driving prodigy :smiley:

But yeah, this and the mobile goal over the starting bar are gonna have to wait till monday

Hey, love the robot. I thought I would share my feelings about it. My concern with this robot is how it swings all the way around. I fear that with that kind of speed it seems to rock the robot and make it hard to control. Obviously it is good it can stack cones fast. Also I was trying to think of some design that allow you to dump the cones it front. This way you could mitigate the time you spend trying to swing the bar quickly to the other side. Certainly its great robot. I was just trying to help suggest improvements and see if we could come up with ways to make it even better or come up with a better robot.

Here you go

I just tested it, and it can’t put large stacks in the 10 point zone without going over the bar because they will be partly resting on the bar and tip over. You can do small stacks that way though.

I agree, the big, fast swinging arm is difficult to work with. I was going to try making it faster until I realized how violent this already is. Obviously a shorter arm would be less violent but putting that on top of a rd4b makes me worried. Although, IFT & 8059 seem to have it working pretty well. Thanks for your comment

Also, someone on youtube asked for pictures of the chainbar, so I’m putting them here

@Highwayman not sure if someone asked this already but what is the highest amount of cones you can stack on a mobile and stationary goal? Also whats the point of the zip tie on the chain?

Haha, I was just answering on youtube as you posted this. I’ll copy it here just cause
It can do 7 on a mobile goal while carrying it, and like the video shows, you can set the mobile goal down and turn around in order to add an 8th cone. I don’t have a stationary goal, but you could look at the relative heights to see how many cones on the stationary goal the height of an 8 cone stack on a mobile goal works out to be.
The zip tie on the chain is to tension the chain. Without it there’s no perfect number of links where the chain is tight and you get a decent amount of slop in the sprockets at the end of the arm.

Could you try lining up to right the cones like normal, but instead of turning, open the claw? Or maybe the same thing with the lift a little higher?

Hmmm… We just loosened some screws and forced it really tight, then tightened screws again. Your way looks more fun.

I liked the use of a zip tie i might have to try it.

Heh, just pulling the chain super tight is also an option. I think the zip tie was at least used in Toss Up probably earlier.
What would the same thing with the lift a little higher show?

Obviously a shorter arm would be less violent but putting that on top of a rd4b makes me worried. Although, IFT & 8059 seem to have it working pretty well. Thanks for your comment

I don’t know how to quote but whatever.

Yeah i am trying to avoid a rd4b because its really kinda heavy and not very compact. I liked the idea of a chain bar on a elevator lift.

If done properly and with good quality of built (looks like it is something I mentioned every season), having the chain bar on a rd4b is stable. Nothing wrong with that, And you can see the lifting speed of 8059 rd4b is more than reasonable.

But I do agree with something mentioned here, and I told my teams even before SingVex - it seems to be a lot of metal used just to move one cone (i.e. rd4b + chain bar) :frowning:

I am sure there is a more efficient way of doing things… will we will be trying out in the next few months :slight_smile:

Edit: elevator lift might not be more parts-efficient… especially if you want the elevator lift to move as high as the rd4b.

I’d be interested to see what you come up with :slight_smile:

Highwayman I was thinking you could use a claw like team 62 showed in their documentary to save time up righting cones.

Then it wouldn’t be able to do match loads right?

Righting the cones with the claw works about as well as turning with the drive.

I am talking about the claw with pads that grab the cone it allows the cone to swivel and right itself. Its in the documentary. Hold on I attached a photo. You wouldn’t need to exactly that but i might help.
Here is a link to the video its at about 8:17 in the documentary.

Edit: Although I realize this might cause problems as the cone might then swing around too much. You might have to adjust how easily it swings.
Righting claw.JPG