Reveal Songs

I’m making a robot reveal video pretty soon, and I want to know what you guys think would be good music. Any song that you think would sound good showing off a robot is PERFECT! Thanks!

7 Nation Army by The White Stripes
War Pigs by Black Sabbath
Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz


It depends what type of bot, if its fast, if it’s big, etc. for example I used The Top but it wouldnt fit with a big clunky bot. I think a safe bet would be Natural tho

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rodeo if you like rap.
Terrain splasher is good as well

Songs by Can’t stop Won’t stop never hurt

These are all vex standards. Playlist

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But the #1 rule is don’t use one someone has already used, or you will get shammed


Dang it…
(20 char)

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Unless it’s a meme song, you can reuse meme songs


Especially Mitigated suffering. Forgot to mention that some of those have been used by very rememberable reveals.

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You can always do Kitten Air, no one’s used it and it’s very memey :slight_smile: and if u have a wall you can use “A song about walls” by very nice and interesting singer man, on spotify

If I can’t use any songs anyone else used, can I use any of those songs? Because those songs are epic!

Yeah, a bunch of those are unused


Splasher is pretty good since it has a good beat to it. its not used much…


You can use some of them. Just certain songs are tied to a reveal more than others. Trust me there are plenty of songs that get reused. Its hard to explain really it is of those things that is just understood among the vex community.


Feels like everyone uses songs by Grandson


thats what I thought too!

Yea that is a really good song, It is in my top ten

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After that one EKSDE reveal in VEXU every bodies been using grandson. (That same season also gave us the 169 reveal but EKSDE came first)

I was Half expecting to get Rick rolled there