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OK so I am looking to make a reveal video for my IQ Pre Worlds Bot. I have access to all adobe software. I just need ideas for music. And what should I put in the reveal video. This is my first time making one.

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Anything by NateWantsToBattle. His music is free as long as you credit him.

There are numerous other topics about this. Just use the search bar and look through them. If you can’t find anything you want, then we can continue this topic since all of the other ones are dead topics.

I’d love to see your reveal video when you’re done!


@WaveyyF, it is great that you are excited about robotics and want to share your robot design with the community!

As @FRC973 said, there is no better way to start than looking at the reveals from other teams.

I haven’t seen many full VEX IQ reveals in #vex-iq-general-discussion:vex-iq-robot-showcase lately, but there are lots of great VRC reveals that you will find in #v5-general-discussion:vex-robot-showcase.

If you look at the great reveals, you will see that some of them sync their visuals with the music in a very interesting way.

At the beginning you get only glimpses of the robot and the field as the music starts to play.

Then, when the first verse begins, you get long views of the robot driving around the field, getting game objects, and leisurely scoring them, so that viewers could appreciate the robot concept.

Then as music plays between first verse and the chorus, they would show you shorter clips of robot driving faster and faster (prop if you find music that accelerates).

Then, as the chorus begins with repeats, they would show short clips of robot scoring and only scoring in various ways (peops if you find a song with fast and repetitive chorus).

Then, as it gets to the second verse, you need to show key elements of your design with good details and zoomed in, so people could appreciate it and (cough-cough) hole count.

Finally, you show even more relentless and impressive scoring during the second chorus and end with robot specs and credits on the dark screen as the music winds down.

If you want to immerse yourself into vexforum culture, I would recommend to consider this song which, in some respect, could be perfect music for your reveal and will make it instantly popular.


Never gonna click that link, never gonna roll that dice…


Screenshot 2021-03-22 3.35.23 PM
Nice try xD


Good advice accept for the song

Nice Job: 18 people.

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It’s 2021, and time to link to the AI created 4K version.

Upside is that this URL will throw a curve ball at everyone who gets suspicious at any Youtube URL that ends in …XcQ.