Reveals ? what are people looking for in a reveal ... ?

Hello !

i am the team captain of 5119z, we qualified via excellence award in the UK and will be attending the high school world championships in Anaheim.

we are currently putting the finishing touches to our robot at this time, and i will be sorting the many autonomous routines in the next couple of weeks.

i will be completing a full reveal of the robot around friday 11th April after we pack up the robot.

in the build reveal i will include the following:

Specification of:
-intake bucky
-intake big ball (& manipulation)

all with pics …

and i will include videos of the robot completing tasks on our field, and videos of all of our autonomous routines.

(and all the awards we won this year in description)

is there anything else i should include ? … CAD pics ? Drawings ?

i’m open to any suggestions,

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ve got one of the few teams coming out of the UK, so if you created anything on the other side of the pond that we don’t have over here, that would be a great point to focus on. Other than that I think you’ve covered everything else.

I would use this as a moment to discuss your strategy and alliance values. This should attract scouts and form potential alliances for worlds

ok thanks !

Hey. We’re a team going to worlds from Uk too. We will be unveiling probably just a day before the worlds. And hopefully showing a few new designs for this game :slight_smile:

Don’t forget some great background music!! :smiley:

videos, lots of videos are great. Like the saying: pictures paint a thousand words

Make sure you include match videos because they show how your team performs under pressure.

Focus on things that you do to help an alliance win.

Explain how you approach a match that gives your alliance an advantage.

Don’t reveal it all at once because right before worlds the Portal is clogged up so your thread will drop quickly so if you keep updating more people will have the opportunity to see the robot.

I forgot to do this in my reveal but post driver and programming skills. when i’m scouting I look at those quite a bit because they can usually show how fast a team can score which I feel fast scoring is critical this year until someone comes up with an extremely efficient scoring mechanism.