Revell Vexplorer

im looking to buy a vexplorer but i cant find anywhere online that sells them. any suggestions? or does anyone have one they dont want anymore? im going to be at the Melbourne fl. competition in January.

I think they stopped making those :frowning:

yea… i know. but some places still sell them but for like 300 bucks. and im still looking for them on ebay. i just want to start off my collection with a claw and camera. which are both included in a vexplorer

Both Claw and Camera can be purchased via the Vex store. The Electronics for Vexplorer are not competition legal so if you are interested in being competition legal you should consider getting the camera through vex. I purchased just these 2 components vs the whole vexplorer kit I felt it was more cost effective.

Good luck on your search though.

thats understandable but because im already a member of a vrc team im not looking to compete on my own and would like to have a personal robot and thought a vexplorer would be a good place to start

This is a Vexplorer that I found on Amazon. It is very pricey though.

thanks, last time i checked amazon they didnt have one

Wow! :eek: I didn’t know they would cost that much by now.

I really like my Vexplorer and I wish you all the luck in finding one that’s affordable. If you find one, I would suggest getting the Tank Tread Kit and the Wrist Kit. They are still available from VEX.

I think its someone just selling something outrageously overpriced.

You could probably get all the same (very close) parts for a cheap price. If you do not find the Vexplorer for under 350(ish) steveo, you should just make your own robot. My suggestion would be the Square Bot. You could get the camera and claw separate and just attach them somewhere on it.

Anyway, $500+ dollars is ridiculous for the Vexplorer, considering you could get most of the parts from the Vex store for cheaper.

I just couldn’t believe someone was asking that much for one!

Steveo, I found this new Vexplorer listed on ebay for $250.

I didn’t know if you would be interested or not, but I thought I would let you know. I don’t know how much you are willing to spend for one.

i found my vexplorer in this website :slight_smile: it was $249.95