Reverse 4/6 Bar

I can’t seem to find that video. Can someone please post a link?

What video are you talking about? Was this supposed to be in a pm?

I have no idea what a reverse 4/6 bar is. However double reverse 4/6 bars are designs quite popular in Skyrise. A couple videos below:

(double reverse 4 bar)

(double reverse 6 bar)

Or do you mean half 4-bar half 6-bar

There are some of those in this video:

skyrise world finals

I mean reverse 4 bar OR reverse 6 bar, there was a post earlier of someone building one of these out of non-vex green parts.

Ohh I remember what you are referring to @Colossus !

That’s not a “reverse” bar, I usually call it an “inverted”. I think it’s because you’ve essentially “flipped” one of the bars. “Reverse” linkages, at least from my understanding, are primarily used to achieve tall, linear lifts like in Skyrise.

I will see if I can find that link, and share it with you.

Would you mind finding videos or images?

We did a double reverse 4/6 bar lift last year. A 4 bar for the bottom portion and a 6 bar on the top portion. It looked wicked!

Looked everywhere can’t seem to find it


Thanks lol that took a while

I just made a version out of lego that looks way better to me.