Reverse 4 Bar lift. Assistance requested

Hello, I was directed here to ask for assistance. If anyone could provide information or some instruction on our team’s first attempt at a reverse 4 bar lift. We are just starting and are having difficulty in constructing this. It has taken us 2 weeks just to create this base. Can someone provide us direction, we have searched the internet for assistance in this task but no luck so far. Thank you for your time.

If you want those pieces to be securely connected to each other use standoffs. Axles with shaft collars wont get you anywhere.

It looks to me like you’d be better off starting will smaller and easier lift designs. have you made a regular 4 bar before?

We are building a reverse four bar lift as well, we based ours off this image.

I hope this helps, there is also some videos online from previous years that we found useful when understanding how a reverse four bar lift worked and operated. If you have any specific questions, please ask and I’ll answer best I can based off of my experience.
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@LrsSep The design of that image looks quite frail, fragile, and weak. I do not believe this is a method that should be used in my opinion. @CTEC Robotics Nick If you are attempting to do a Reverse Double Four Bar and need to connect two sides, use standoffs which should be provided in most VEX kits. are you a competitor in VRC?

Last year for ITZ we used a design similar to the picture below (courtesy Renegade Robotics) but with motors on the 12 tooth gears in the middle, not at the bottom.

UPDATE we have switched our towers to c-channels and we have replicated the main tower of RupaliB’s design. We aren’t sure where to go to this is our first time as I stated if anyone can assist us. Thank you for all your help so far.

but… your towers were already C-channels. I highly recommend starting off with a simpler lift, such as a regular 4 bar.

Really, I taught myself this stuff in my basement with IQ pieces. I have a pretty solid understanding of this. Maybe you should also try to start out in a smaller scale to get the concept.

Also: the forum is great for answering very specific questions. More generalized “help” threads don’t really generate as much traffic.
For example, “Should I mount my motors on the bottom or in the middle?” will be answered faster than “how do I power a DR4B?”

Yeah always stray away from “help” threads. Start with your own research and go from there with smaller questions, we (the forum) are not your team.

For instance, if you want to get started on making a DR4B, look at the ITZ bot reveals. There are hundreds of examples of top-notch lifts from that season and anyone could take a few pointers from them.