Reverse Double Four Bar Lift Tips?

My team and I are new to Vex Robotics and would like to build a reverse double four bar lift and have been advised by more experienced teammates building other robots to use the gray turntable bearings as opposed to having a large amount of gears. We would like our life to collapse down between the sides of our drive base, leaving room for the claw and cortex as well as stabilizing bars for our drive base. Any tips or tricks we should know or helpful tutorials anyone could point out for us? hi here is a great tutorial that explains how double reverse 4 bars work and how to build one.

Firstly, don’t use the grey turntables. They are far too heavy and have too much friction. Use normal bearings instead. Second, take time to plan the middle section of your lift. The middle section that connects the bottom and top 4bar is very difficult to build well, and it’s build quality impacts how stable your lift is more than anything else. Third, don’t just build one dr4b. After you finish your first one, examine it closely, find and record all your mistakes, and when you get the time, rebuild the entire lift. Due to the fact that you are a new team, having the experience of building something multiple times so that you understand how to go about building it in the future is crucial. Finally, wherever you can, reduce slop. Slop, or play, adds up quickly and can lead to unstable and unreliable lifts.

Don’t put all the motors on the main beam that is connected to your chassis (unless you are that top 0.1% that somehow has the magic ability to make a good lift with that motor positioning).

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The motors on the part connected to your base has a distinct advantage of making the linkage lighter. Many people put the motors on the middle arm that moves, but I have seen several good DR4B with the motors on the base.

You do want to experiment with different ways of compacting the space between the 5 bars that are your base and the c channels as the arms. Making this as small of a distance as possible helps with some twist elimination.

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