Reverse motors in a drivetrain?

When defining a 4-motor drivetrain, is there a way to indicate that 2 of those motors are reversed? We’d like to add a pair of motors to Moby (in the front), but we’ll need to flip them so that they won’t stick out. We’re using the block-based V5 flavor. Thanks.

I believe the drivetrain option automatically flips the motors required in order to move in one direction, and as such the only way you can really change the polarity is by selecting which way is forward. However, you can use motor groups, which allows you to set the polarity of each motor, and you can just have a motor group for the left side and a motor group for the right side.

You could move the motor so it’s on the next gear over, if all the gears are the same size. That would reverse it’s direction.


be careful with this though, it can increase friction in the system making one side move faster than the other, so make sure to use Bearing flats everywhere, and support the axle from both sides to have the effect of friction be minimal

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So you can do it physically like suggested above. BUT you can also do it through programming. I am assuming that you are setting up the drivetrain through the robot configuration wizard.

You can set them up manually however and when you do it that way you add each motor individually to the drivetrain and can reverse it before putting it into the drivetrain.

Here are some examples:


Note that when you set the drivetrain up manually sometimes the drivetrain commands won’t autofill, so you just need to remember what they are.