Reverse Stacker Anti-Tip Mechanism

The max length drive train didn’t fix our problem and even w/o a lot of cubes on our bot the balance is off. So any help to make our bot more stable would be appreciated;)

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One of my teams made “deployabe anti tip fingers” all we did was take a gap large enough to fit a 2 segment piece of C channel and put it on a joint and put rubber bands to pull and hold them out. We then used a small pin attached to the lift and when it goes up it releases both fingers and uses a rubber band to put it out our the way.

Another way you can look into is how Star Struck robots made them, you can look up a more in depth way but basically they used a linear motion kit that shot out the back and had a stop on it to stop it and was able o support the robot.

Edit: also do you think you can send a pic of your robot, I could potentially help you with that balance issue without using deployable stabilizers

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We also had a similar issue with our 8 cube capacity robot. To solve this, we added flip out antitips on the back that rotate into place with the help of rubber bands. To prevent the robot resting on something that cannot roll, we added a 3.25" omni per side to allow the robot to still drive smoothly when it is resting on the antitips.

Video for reference:


our bot is basically goofy but with a 10 cube long tray and slightly modified intake rollers.

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Link doesn’t work…

Sorry about that, try now:

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how did you embed videos here?

How effective have those been for you?

how would lock it in place prior to the start of match

Traditionally you would just have a rubber band that is on the end of that that is stretched to a wheel or gear somewhere on the robot that will pull it into the closed position. At the start of the match you would move that gear, wheel, arm or really anything that has a motor attached, a certain way that would release the rubber band letting the other bands pull it back to the position shown in that video. Im not sure if that is how @vexreally is doing it.

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After we took that video, we added a ziptie to the end of the antitip that would be caught in the drive base. When the wheels moved forwards, the ziptie would be released allowing the antitips to flip out.

How would I make the part that moves the tower of cubes from a slanted position to a vertical stacked position for the reverse stacker, Ik the basic concept but I want to know what’s the easiest and most efficient way.

You mean a tilter?

This is for wheelie bars.

Not tilter.

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Try doing some research. Youtube is your friend.

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Yes that’s exactly what I meant my bad lol

Wrong thread then. If you want tilter. I would use 12-84 tooth gears. use c channel and stance bar along with lock collars and use a drive shaft as a pivot point on the tray. Please research too.

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no problem. Read the guide lines. It will help