Reversing Drivetrain in Vexcode

First time on the forums…
I have a group of students who set up a 2-motor drivetrain in vexcode using single joystick control. The robot drove backwards when they moved the joystick forward, so they reversed the drivetrain. Now the robot correctly goes forward and back, but turns left when the joystick is pushed right and right when the joystick is pushed left.
Any suggestions?

Did you verify the left motor on the robot was selected as the left motor in VEXcode, and likewise for the right motor?


If this doesn’t work check the ports on the robot and vexcode and switch them if needed.

Students swore up and down when I first asked that they had checked the motor setup completely and everything was right, but switching the two ports solved the problem.
Lesson for me - check myself before posting.
Thanks for the help!