Review of Drive system .pdf

I would really appreciated, comments, criticisms, additions, and edits of my .pdf about drive systems. The purpose of paper is to help out new teams.

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This is great stuff! Thanks for putting this information out there. Maybe you could add the “colloquial” names for these drives. Two wheel tank, four wheel tank, X holonomic, Plus holonomic, H drive, ect…

Amazing! great job! I am showing this to our newer members.:cool:

You left out Auto type steering with a differential.

When was the last time you saw this kind of drive train on a vex robot??

Still, it could be useful to explain why it doesn’t tend to be used

Google: “vex swerve drive”
Also :

About a year ago tomorrow: 12/5/2010

Needs more emphasis on “Skid” in steering, and why Omni-wheels are so much better. Might also mention that short-wide are easier to turn than long-narrow.

Tips for drive systems edits:

  • It is better to have the two points of axle support at the ends of the axle, with the load between them. Any time the load is not between the supports, it is cantilevered.

  • There are more delrin bearings than just flats. see also pillow blocks.

Other concepts, May not count as basic:

  • Large wheels are faster (all else equal)
  • smaller wheels accelerate quicker
  • smaller wheels can be placed closer to the corners.

Great Idea I think if you could get a little more info about the drive trains it be nice though

Nice – I like your organization of concepts. One expansion – you show mecanum wheels and give a brief explanation of how they’re oriented, but it would also be nice to include an example of them in use.

THANK YOU!! What great comments. Keep them coming. Hopefully I was able to include all the things people have helped with in this lastest draft.