RF Signal to VEXnet signal

I had nothing to do after Worlds so this is my final VEX project of my high school career. Excuse the signal delay. It’s not perfect.

RF to WiFi

Way to go! - Definitely post some docs/specs and code if you are able.

Hmmmmm based on the signal delay and what appears to be inaccurate driving for the movements of the joysticks i am going to say… fake? You had somebody else with the actual transmitter.

If not that is pretty cool.


we were experiencing some lagg of that sort too
it was the calibration was off by that much we we couldnt drive it at all
we re-downloaded the mastercode and it worked normally again

Oh come on =( have to give us a little more credit than that…

I did… thats pretty cool. Pretty cool is my default very few things are really cool.


Is it possible to have a 2 driver setup and make the link between those 2 controllers wireless? Maybe by using an RF receiver module and crystal in place of a tether cable?

That’s my guess

I can almost guarantee that this is not what you did but you could have 2 joysticks. One with crystals that drives another robot that is made to mimic the motions on the first joystick (the crystals one) onto the second joystick which has vexnet attached and is controlling the robot seen in the video.


Two Cortex Controllers, each with a VexNet module paired to each other.

The Cortex NOT on the Robot, also has the Crystal Receiver connected to it, it becomes a bridge between Crystals and VexNet.

I’ll admit: I’m good. But not that good.

It wasn’t a lie saying we could convert an RF signal to WiFi… but most of you probably weren’t expecting this:

This is the last creation you’ll see out of me for a while. Enjoy :smiley:

Wow! Very cool! :slight_smile:

Even though i was almost sure you wouldn’t have gone through with doing this. I am still going to take this time to ask… who called it? I take em when i get em. Cool robot guys i like it a lot. As useless as it is you did it and it looks pretty well built.


didnt get what DK was saying then, but now i understand
were u THAT bored? :stuck_out_tongue:
too bad you are graduating this year
i would love to compete with you again in this years game :frowning:

I was at Gladstone today and got to see this mechanism. Very, very cool. VRC is losing a great team with the graduation of the 721 guys.

However, there ARE 14 more Gladstone teams. :slight_smile:

are any of you guys going to UBC?
if you are, START A VEX TEAM!