RGB Light Rule Question

So, if I were to add cosmetic battery powered LED lights to my robot, and the ambient light from the lights just so happened to accidentally give a vision sensor on the robot enough light to make a reliable and accurate reading on the color of a ball, would the lights still be allowed?

Any help is amazing!

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Sadly, no. In that case the lights would be a functional decoration, and therefore not allowed. However, the new optical sensor has its own flashlight and therefore should be much better at sensing the color of balls.

Could you get away with it? Probably. Should you just buy the optical sensor instead? Yeah.


Wow thanks! This was my first time posting something on the forums and the fact that I got a response so quickly is incredible


That’s actually a pretty clever idea. You essentially want the same function as the Optical Sensor like 2775Josh mentioned above. Unfortunately the Optical Sensor is out of stock at the moment.
But the VEX Flashlight isn’t! https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2210.html

While currently using an LED light strip is considered illegal via R13g, the flashlight is legal to use for the same purpose that you described. Just be careful not to violate R13e if you do decide to give the flashlight method a try.


It could also serve as a defensive aid by giving your opponents seizures.

Perfect! I never thought of that!

@Andy2 there is currently a pending Q&A question regarding light usage that might clear some specifics up.

Uhh, I doubt that the ref or the team would enjoy that /s

I’m not very serious about it. Just an on-topic joke.

friendly fire could also be a problem…

I know lol… Let’s not try to steer this topic off topic