RGB Lights

I know about all the rules and such about rgb lighting on robots, but I wanted to know a good strip to buy. It would be great if it had just some external controller (as most come with) but if it needs to be programmed in the brain, then can you include a video of how to do so.

Thank you in advanced and good luck this season!

Go onto ebay and find a medium priced strip…

The cheapest ones suck and the expensive ones are no better than the medium priced one.

Generally the IR remotes suck and aren’t worth messing with, so keep that in mind.

You’ll probably want to program them yourself too…

Yep, simple to program them yourself since you purchased it so you know how they are designed to communicate and operate - there really is no one size fits all for this. The quality and type of strip you get really depends on what you want to achieve with the lighting strip anyway. Do you need it to be individually addressable? Do you need full RGB colour control? How are you going to interface that with the cortex?

If you’re just looking for something simple, a strip of one-colour LEDs connected to the 5v and Gnd works fine :slight_smile:

Well I’m fairly sure it was legal since it passed many inspection tables, but I found a cheap RGB LED strip that was powered by USB with a inline programming chip. I cut the USB portion off and soldered the power leads to a PWM cable. Then plugged it into a sensor port on the cortex. It works because the cortex outputs 5v out of the digital and analog ports.

I mean it was iffy but nobody ever questioned it, I even got a response from Karthik on here explaining it shouldn’t be an issue. But here’s a link and a picture.


Amazon as well almost always has great RGB lights, you may have to make a simple circuit on a small proto-board to test it out and see how they work without their controller box though!