RGB strip light legality with external battery

After watching Tarans vid about attaching RGB lights to the V5 brain, I got some lights, and I was wondering if they could be used with an external 12v lipo. In R20, it says that the only source of electrical power can come from the v5 battery, but in R13, it says that there can be LED lights if they don’t influence a match.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


As far as I know you cannot use anything but the v5 battery in a match, so you cannot power them with an external battery

Edit: This is incorrect, see clarification by @Sylvie below

Incorrect. It has been ruled legal to use an external battery for a light strip, though I would certainly recommend doing some custom wiring to make it work off the brain.


Thanks for the clarification. I almost pinged you but figured you’d see it soon enough lol

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Oh. Thanks for the help, leaks coming soon :slight_smile:

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Just for the record, I generally don’t look at rules questions like this unless I see my name pop up or I get pinged.


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