Ri3D Rules

I would like to potentially do a Ri3D (Robot in 3 days) build next season,
but I wanted to see if there were any rules that the VEX community had already decided on.

Also I have a question , are you allowed to create a design beforehand, or does the whole process have to be done during the 3 day window?


There really aren’t any rules, they are just a fun thing to do before the season gets going or to show off a weird design.

must be build in 36 hours of build and programming time


It’s best to go into it with no design in mind, but the only real rule is it’s in 3 days, but it’s honor system so :man_shrugging:

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The RI3D robots by @Cameron_Schiller are great examples of what an RI3D robot should be like. If you search YouTube right now, a lot of FRC teams are creating RI3D robots. Those are a great example of what to accomplish, too