lol, why does that actually feel accurate?

Or you can set it 1” lower as well


There’s not a whole lot of “play” here. I definitely have the middle plate dead-center and the way they have 3 standoffs in the plates on the 2 side support plates are physically constrained by the field tiles. I’ll get the measuring tape out later and see, but right now I don’t see how it’s physically possible to install this with the components I have.

You can able to push Acorn / Tri-Balls under blue bar, it is little harder but possible


Clearly others have assembled this, so maybe this is a “me” problem. But my read of the field specs aligns with my experience.

The highlighted “center-to-center” dimensions are listed at 94.25". But this corresponds basically to spanning 4 field tiles (midpoint-of-edge to midpoint-of-edge), which to me, should measure 96"

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Any suggestions are welcome. I’ve take.n the following pics to show what I’m running into

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get this to fit.

Anyone who has successfully assembled- can you provide dimensions for the long beams?

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@sasikumar is there a need to make a hole in the tiles for the standoffs?

Or is the long beam actually long enough to span the full 4-tiles?

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What you are saying makes sense. We’ll have our fields this afternoon, if you don’t get an answer by then I’ll let you know.

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Just arrived, long beams are 42 3/4". Working on putting it together now.

Mine are the same dimensions 42 3/4". For what it’s worth, I have the anti-static tiles. Let me know how yours goes…my center-to-center distance on the “feet” that run perpendicular to the long barrier is 95 1/2". My long beams barely each touch the center part, with each being significantly off from lining up the holes.

huh, yeah that’s strange. Our center-to-center distance is closer to 94 1/2. It actually went together pretty smoothly. Not sure what it could be.

No need to make holes, just move it around, it settles


About how many triballs could one fit into a goal (maximum)?

The maximum would be every triball (not my photo)


Is it even possible to put triballs on top of other triballs since you can only shove them under the bars? Or does the geometry of them somehow allow you to push one into another, pushing it upwards?

Wow. and this was all loaded in naturally, correct? Meaning that a robot could theoretically achieve this by pushing enough triballs under?

What do we need to do to participate/observe the Ri3D session June 2-5?
Do we need to register to get notified that your Zoom is going live?

Ok, never mind! I followed the link in the first post and found the Zoom link. (I think!)

Would you please tell us what this meeting is about, and why it last for three days, and does it run for all three nights? Thanks.