Ri4D Over Under Robot Reveal

A couple of weeks ago our high school hosted our summer week of practices, and our team somehow managed to whip something of a robot, this is by no means a final reveal, but I wanted to reveal the progress we made and the concept of our robot. I would greatly appreciate any questions or comments as this is my first year in VRC. And don’t mind the other flipped-over robot, I have no idea how that happened. :sweat_smile:


try to adding 4 more 11W motors to you drive. Because your going to get pushed around with only 2 motors on your drive.

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Good eye, you are absolutely correct. Our school doesn’t have enough funding to give each bot more than 4 motors but come fall I might buy some and yes, It will be 4 or 6 motor drive.


One thing I suggest are instead of driving the wheels directly, drive the gears that have no wheels on them with 600rpm motors. It gives you more flexibility with your gear ratios. Another thing is to put a wedge on your robot. Especially with a more defensive focused robot like yours, a wedge will help greatly with being able to push around bots.


Thank you for the suggestions @thedudeJose I appreciate the wisdom. In talking to my team, we have decided to scrap this robot because the Idea of this bot was to have a 2M cata, 2M intake, and 4M drive, but in doing some research have decided that it is worth the inconvenience to use a 6-motor drivetrain. I will release updates when I start our YouTube channel.